T.E.A.M. Vacaville

Together Everyone Always Matters

MARKETING & FUNDRAISING, Marjorie Traywick - I developed a passion for Special Needs children while I as in High School.  I always had a bond and desire to make sure everyone around me feel just as important as the person next to them.  I have 2 wonderful boys (16 and 12), my youngest was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum when he was 2 and half years old. I am so happy to be apart of TEAM Vacaville to spread my love and desire to make someone smile and feel loved.  I am looking forward to sharing our stories with our community to bring awareness of what TEAM Vacaville is about. 

TEAM Vacaville Board Members

ADULT PROGRAM COORDINATOR, Kris Thomas - My Name is Kris Thomas and I am so blessed to be a part of Team Vacaville. I am the mother of three grown sons and was recently given my girl, with my birth of my first grand-daughter. For as long as I can remember, I have always had a passion for special needs, whether it be children or adults. I have always been drawn to them, and them to me. After raising three very active boys and taking care of my grandparents until their passing, I had no idea what to do with myself, so I began my new life journey. I started college at the age of 40, and now several years later, I almost have my Masters degree in Special Education.  I believe in the abilities of ALL individuals.  I have a gift at making things possible and breaking down barriers.  I feel most proud a project that I helped to create at a local high school, by integrating Special Needs cheerleaders into the cheer team.  My goal in life is to find opportunities for our individuals with Special Needs! The possibilities are endless and I look forward to building that community and watching it and the awareness with it, grow !    

PRESIDENT, Christa Poe - I have always had a passion for special needs children.  As a child, I started learning basic Sign Language with the help of my grandmother, who was a special education teacher.  I served 10 years in the military and eventually got out with the rank of Staff Sergeant.  I have also been in the construction industry for about 23 years working as a project manager and estimator, building both residential and multi-million dollar commercial buildings.  I have held the position of President in several non-profit organizations, where my focus was inclusion, support, communication and fun.  I have three kids, one in college, 15 yr old disabled teen and an elementary student (who thinks he is a teen).  My disabled daughter has Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Ataxia, ADD, Intellectual Disability, and she is Non-Verbal.  My passion is to bring an organization to the community that will allow my daughter, and her friends, to grow, have fun and be independent.  TEAM Vacaville will be a place where Together Everyone Always Matters.

SECRETARY, Jennifer Drummond - My name is Jennifer Drummond.  I was born and raised in Washington State, moving to California in 2007.  I have 3 wonderful kids, two in college and one graduating high school this year.  My youngest, who is now 16, was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when he was 7.  When he was given this diagnosis, I didn’t even know what Autism was!  There is an amazing connection between Special needs families, sharing tears, and triumphs, and I am very proud to be a part of that.  I’ve always had great joy in helping others and the community, and seeing the connection between our special needs friends and their teen buddies has been pure joy.  It is my pleasure to be a part of Team Vacaville and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

The primary focus of Team Vacaville is to provide opportunities to children with special needs in the form of linking/partnering with organizations in Northern California, as well as offering events, recreational sports, and community activities exclusive to Team Vacaville. Our goal is also to provide a virtual and physical "meeting" place for families to share their struggles and victories with other parents who understand and relate.

T.E.A.M Vacaville believes that its the ABILITY that really matters with our children, and that by working together with other "buddies", family members, and community partners we can overcome some of the challenges special needs children face and break down the barriers that have limited the access to sports and community activities.  

BOARD ADVISOR & FOUNDER/PRESIDENT TEAM DIXON, Erica Hurtado - I am a mother of four, ages 16, 13, 10, 6. I have always been active in my community, including a Founding board member of Dixon Montessori Charter School, where I served seven years, three as Special Ed chair.  My son Ryan was born with disabilities.  As a mother, I am always looking for the balance in my own family.  Having both typical and special needs children, has inspired me to create a community which offers opportunities for special needs children, supported by typical peers who want to step up and do something positive.  That search lead me to the creation of TEAM Dixon.  My role for TEAM Vacaville will be to bridge the two teams to ensure there is communication, unity and consistency. Together we will grow and support our community through positive, fun and nurturing environments.

T.E.A.M. Vacaville Mission

TREASURER, Julie Kim - My name is Julie and I am a married mother of three children (17, 14, & 11). Over the years, I have developed a passion for special needs kids through my friendship with some special needs families in our community. I am very excited to be a part of Team Vacaville as its treasurer. My degree from UC Santa Cruz is in Economics and have worked in the private sector before volunteering for several non-profits over the past 10 years. I have held several elected board positions, including secretary, treasurer and financial secretary. I am also very active in my church helping with the AWANA program.

TEEN BUDDY MANAGER, Karley McLean - My name is Karley McLean and I was born and raised here in Solano county. As of late 2019 I am a new mother to a baby girl. I have a huge passion for working with our special needs community. I have fallen in love with Team Vacaville, and what it brings to our special needs families. I love being able to be apart of beautiful memories between our buddies and special needs kiddos. I can not wait to continue to help bring amazing visions to life with our program and share with our community about Team Vacaville. 

VICE PRESIDENT, Sally Thaller - I am thrilled to be part of the TEAM Vacaville team! This is my first adventure supporting a volunteer organization in this capacity and I am having a great time seeing all we can accomplish together.  My journey to working with individuals with special needs occurred in my college years and sort of by accident. I was invited to work with young children with special needs in their home. This would be the event that forever changed the course of my adult life. Everything just clicked and I found my passion.  As I progressed through my master’s program, I worked as a supported living case manager and then moved on to behavior consulting after graduating with my MA.  In 2004 I decided to take my career to the classroom. In my non-teaching hours I enjoy time with my family. I am mom to a teenage daughter and an preteen son. My family and I love to camp when we get the chance to get away.